Implementation & Support

Implementation & Support

Propriety Consulting follows one of the strongest implementation methodologies driven by a 68+ partner channel which is capable and well equipped to handle the most complex situations and circumstances. We offer our clients both onsite and offsite implementation processes as per the business requirements. Propriety Consulting has carried out several successful implementations – both Direct Implementation and Partner Enabled Implementation for numerous clients across industries and sub-verticals. We have successfully carried out more than 8,000 stores and 12,000 POS implementations till date with a very high client satisfaction index.

KEY DIFFERENTIATORS: THE propriety consulting EDGE

  • Wide geographical reach: With a client list that spans over large parts of the globe, it becomes imperative to ensure a robust channel and a dedicated team of individuals to manage client requirements. Time-friendly and rapid deployment –Propriety Consulting’s strategies of software development are highly time sensitive as we have big pool of resources to develop and deploy your solutions quickly and accurately. We always endeavour to be transparent and true in offering our services to our clients.
  • Flexible approach: Communications management and transparent project tracking ensures that customers have full visibility of progress offshore. Complete project flexibility helps achieve desired results.



Excellent, regular support is one of the most critical elements of the service industry. Propriety Consulting believes in forming strong associations with our partners and customers alike. We have thus deployed a strong and dedicated team of individuals who provide an incessant and comprehensive support to all our partners and clients. Our “Global Support and Service Center for Applications /Helpdesk” operates through our offshore delivery model by making a large pool of our talented resources available to ensure that every stakeholder benefits in a very cost-effective and timely manner.

We provide support through the following means:-

  • Partner Implementation support: We guide our partners at every stage of implementation providing the right support needed for a smooth implementation. We make sure that our partners have a firm support to rely on which will help them execute an efficient and timely implementation.
  • Post Implementation Support: We firmly believe that a successful implementation is only half the job done – supporting clients throughout the duration of their lifecycle is of critical importance to us. We understand the dynamics of today’s business environment and follow a flexible approach for all our processes. We thus have a dedicated team of experts which provide robust support with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.
  • Product Enhancements: Continuous product enhancements and improvements ensure a best in class solution that is capable of handling the latest industry issues and challenges.
  • Training: We offer Partner Certification trainings, industry training, updates on new versions which are tailor-made to the customer needs.
  • Best Practices: Our rich industry experience and in depth domain knowledge help us organize Industry Best Practices and white papers that deal with specific problems and pain areas.
  • Diagnostic Studies: Our technical team also carry out diagnostic studies for certain projects which are not able to achieve the desired levels of output, helping them come on track with their progress.



  • 24* 7 Support Helpdesk
  • Product Training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Onsite support
  • Validation & verification of software implementations: design reviews, testing and audits.

KEY ADVANTAGES OF propriety consulting SUPPORT

  • Support experience of 4.5+ years
  • Right People –Technical & Functional Experts
  • Domestic and Overseas Support for more than 60+ partners
  • Suitable engagement models
  • Defined Escalation Matrix
  • Experience of overseas / domestic Implementations
  • Assured turn around support based on SLA


  • Fixed Price/Fixed Time
  • T&M
  • FTE